Business Advice

Through our business advisory service we’ll work with you to understand your business needs and goals, and advise on how you can better plan, grow and succeed.

Services include:

  • Regular review of reports
  • Help you understand your reports and identify areas in the business that may require additional attention
  • Prepare business plans
  • Setting and reviewing goals
  • Helping you better understand cash-flows, cash-profits and budgeting

Our business advisory services are a holistic mentoring service, not just data entry!

Leverage off Freemont's Expertise

Founders of Freemont Business Solutions, Karen and Kevin are qualified accountants, and combined have over 30 years’ experience.

Well-practiced in accounting, they have worked closely with business owners across many financial matters including taxation, bookkeeping and business advice.

We’re confident in the use of many accounting software packages. As well as this, data entry, reconciliations, analysing and discussing reports are a part of our daily tasks so you can be confident our diligent approach is efficient and professional. From a review to ongoing mentoring, we can not only manage your bookwork but also assist in your growth and development. We can also assist with budgeting and cash flow service – learn more about our Business advice services.