Bookkeeping Services

Freemont Bookkeeping Services Include:


  • Inputting receipts and expenses
  • Track and allocate transactions



  • On or offsite invoice processing and distribution to clients
  • Receipt customer payments



  • The critical element of ensuring your business books are accurate is to reconcile your bank account and ensure every dollar is accounted for (this is essential for accuracy in BAS reporting but also hugely important in managing cash flow)



  • Complete all necessary data entry, reconciliations and reporting
  • Prepare and lodge your BAS statement for you
  • Keep on top of lodgements and avoid penalties
  • We can help you to understand upcoming GST liabilities and assist in managing the cash flow
  • We will liaise with the ATO on your behalf in relation to all BAS lodgements and payments



  • Prepare and distribute invoices to your clients
    Receipt client payments
  • Monitor Debtors and contact as necessary
  • Liaise any debt collection processes
  • Coordinate all supplier invoices
  • Arrange payment where necessary



  • Process all pays
  • Prepare payslips and distribute to staff
  • Take care of any lodgement obligations with the ATO
  • Calculate and report Superannuation obligations
  • Review Workers Compensation insurances
  • To get your bookkeeping in order, talk to us today – (07) 3172 6216.
Budgeting & Cash Flow

If you’re often wondering: ‘Why is there no money left in my account?’; ‘Why can’t I pay my bills?’; ‘I can’t remember the last time I paid myself!’ Then it may be time to get external help so you can gain control of your business finances.

We can help you to understand cash flow, and:

  • Prepare and review budgets
  • Keep on top of liabilities
  • Structure profits to ensure you get paid
  • Regular reporting, budgeting and review
  • Estimate upcoming liabilities
  • Structure bank accounts for savings
  • Arrange payment plans where necessary
  • Help you understand what your ‘cash profit’ is and what funds you have available for spending


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